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Joint Nutrition Support

Body aches, muscle strains, sore muscles, and exhaustion are all expected when resistance training, but the one ache you want to avoid at all costs are sore joints.

Joint issues often arise from 2 main reasons. Either there’s a weakness in the surrounding muscular structures that’s preventing the needed stability of the joint, or on the other side there’s too much use of a specific joint.

The most common weak spots are the knees, wrist, elbow, and the shoulder. The shoulder and knee are the most difficult to recover from.

TriJoint is the end all be all solution to provide nutritional support to joint issues and to provide continued support.

You lift and train hard so take TriJoint to fight to protect the joint’s you need to step into battle everyday with!

Glucosamine– Believed to initiate collagen synthesis and reduce collagen breakdown. Collagen is the major component of joint tissue.

Chondroitin – A key component in synovial fluid, which acts like a joint lubricant.

Bromelain– An extract of pineapple which may provide soothing properties to overworked joints.

Boswellia Serrata- Shown to possess soothing properties for overworked joints.

Cissus– Shown to support bone and joint health

Hyaluronic Acid- A key components of synovial fluid.

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