Your Purchases Directly Benefits Grass Roots Charities

(And it doesn’t cost you a single penny!)

We believe

We believe, when a group of people comes together, the world can change for the better.

We set out on this journey to help consumers just like you save time and money on purchases you’re already planning on making.

We don’t rate, rank or review products. Instead, we believe that the power of community can genuinely change the world.

How can we change the world?

When you use the honest code at checkout from our featured partners, we receive a small affiliate commission.

We then take 50% of ALL the commissions and donate that to a community-voted grassroots charity.

This way, you can make a significant impact without spending an extra penny.

How can you help?

If you have already purchased from one of our featured partners or, simply use our code or link to join our community.

Does this work with Amazon Prime Purchases?

Great question!

Yes, Amazon has mastered the technical skills to partner perfectly.

Since Amazon is already a featured partner, you’ll never see any additional fees, and you will know that your purchase helped a charity!

How and which charity do we select?

Community is at our core!

First, we crowdsource requests for charities in need.

Then, we create a poll for everyone to cast their vote.

A new charity is chosen monthly.

The crowd selected charity (1 per month) receives the full 50% of total commissions in the form of a check donation.

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